Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brush Pens

For anyone who draws with ink with at home, and wants to take it on the road, a brush pen is easily your best bet. Below are my current favorites, which are available from most any Japanese stationary store/the internet. These wonderful pens range from 5 dollar plastic thingies to perfectly made beauties with natural hair tips and replaceable brushes/ink cartridges.

But if your looking for a great all around brush pen I recommend the pentel pocket brush (2nd from right) which is affordable and refillable, plus it has a really cool looking silver kanji by the clip. Anyway, all of these pens are great fun, and everyone should try out a brush pen at least once. Enjoy!


Dominic Bugatto said...

I swear by my Pentel Pocket pen , nice work here.

onĂ­rica said...

bic bic bic!

Tali said...

i just discovered brush pens last year. They are so much fun!
Lovely work on your site.