Monday, August 10, 2009


A few weeks ago the charming Alex Spiro from NOBROW Magazine invited me to contribute to the second issue of his publication. NOBROW, is a biannual textless art magazine on sale at all good design bookshops in the UK + Europe and available worldwide at What makes the magazine even cooler is the incredible color and paper quality, individually numbered limited edition printing, and a roster chock full of the best illustrators in the business. Artists contributing to their first issue include: A. Ricard Allen, Blex Bolex, Paul Blow, Jordan Crane, McBess, and Emiliano Ponzi.

Obviously, the upcoming second issue will undoubtedly feature some serious talent, and I am honored to be part of this project. So start getting excited, because the new issue drops sometime in the Fall. Included below are some pictures of the first issue that Alex was kind enough to send me, and to be honest I have never handled a higher quality publication.

Cover art by Stuart Kolakovic, interior piece by the fantastic Paul Blow, and thanks again Alex for all the swag.


alex fine illustration said...

congrats, I'm looking forward to seeing the new issue.

Nobrow said...

We now distribute through last gasp in the States. Ask at your local comic book store and help spread the word!