Thursday, November 13, 2008

WORD Bookstore Window Display

Hello all, yesterday I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity set up a few of my plexiglass screen prints at my favorite bookstore WORD on 126 Franklin St in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

It's a great local bookstore, with an incredibly friendly staff, a nice selection, and incredible appearances by authors.

But what makes them even nicer is that they lend their front window to local artists for self promotion. So I took them up on it.

So go visit WORD at 126 Franklin St and have a look see, they should be up for about a month. Enjoy. Also feel free to check some better photos of these prints at my


Sir Timmy said...

hey there big stunnah~
congratulations on the display! i remember that little bookstore when i crashed at your place way back in the days of yore. but i remember those prints even better. good on ya

Oh Contraire said...

Adam, we'll make a point of seeing it. Do you know if it'll be up the weekend after New Year's? If you're around, we'll buy you a coffee, too.
BTW, it's your cousin LUcy.